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TertiaryLight: #ccc
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Error: #f88
body {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}

a {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
a:hover {background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
a img {border:0;}

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]]; background:transparent;}
h1 {border-bottom:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
h2,h3 {border-bottom:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}

.button {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; border-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}
.button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}

.header {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.headerShadow {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.headerShadow a {font-weight:normal; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.headerForeground {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.headerForeground a {font-weight:normal; color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}

	border-left:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
	border-top:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
	border-right:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
.tabUnselected {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tabContents {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.tabContents .button {border:0;}

#sidebar {}
#sidebarOptions input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {border:none;color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:active {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}

.wizard {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizard h1 {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border:none;}
.wizard h2 {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:none;}
.wizardStep {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];
	border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizardStep.wizardStepDone {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.wizardFooter {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
.wizardFooter .status {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; border: 1px solid;
	border-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.wizard .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: 1px solid;
	border-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}

.wizard .notChanged {background:transparent;}
.wizard .changedLocally {background:#80ff80;}
.wizard .changedServer {background:#8080ff;}
.wizard .changedBoth {background:#ff8080;}
.wizard .notFound {background:#ffff80;}
.wizard .putToServer {background:#ff80ff;}
.wizard .gotFromServer {background:#80ffff;}

#messageArea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#messageArea .button {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; border:none;}

.popupTiddler {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.popup {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-left:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-top:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-right:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-bottom:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.popup hr {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border-bottom:1px;}
.popup li.disabled {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.popup li a, .popup li a:visited {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:active {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popupHighlight {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.listBreak div {border-bottom:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.tiddler .defaultCommand {font-weight:bold;}

.shadow .title {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.title {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.subtitle {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.toolbar {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.selected .toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.selected .toolbar a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}

.tagging, .tagged {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];}
.selected .tagging, .selected .tagged {background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tagging .listTitle, .tagged .listTitle {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}
.tagging .button, .tagged .button {border:none;}

.footer {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.selected .footer {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.sparkline {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]]; border:0;}
.sparktick {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}

.error, .errorButton {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Error]];}
.warning {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.lowlight {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}

.zoomer {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.imageLink, #displayArea .imageLink {background:transparent;}

.annotation {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}

.viewer .listTitle {list-style-type:none; margin-left:-2em;}
.viewer .button {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}
.viewer blockquote {border-left:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.viewer th, .viewer thead td, .twtable th, .twtable thead td {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.viewer td, .viewer tr, .twtable td, .twtable tr {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.viewer pre {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.viewer code {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.viewer hr {border:0; border-top:dashed 1px [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.highlight, .marked {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]];}

.editor input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.editor textarea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; width:100%;}
.editorFooter {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

#backstageArea {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
#backstageArea a {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageArea a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; }
#backstageArea a.backstageSelTab {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageButton a {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageButton a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstagePanel {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border-color: [[ColorPalette::Background]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button {border:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageCloak {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; opacity:0.6; filter:'alpha(opacity:60)';}
* html .tiddler {height:1%;}

body {font-size:.75em; font-family:arial,helvetica; margin:0; padding:0;}

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {font-weight:bold; text-decoration:none;}
h1,h2,h3 {padding-bottom:1px; margin-top:1.2em;margin-bottom:0.3em;}
h4,h5,h6 {margin-top:1em;}
h1 {font-size:1.35em;}
h2 {font-size:1.25em;}
h3 {font-size:1.1em;}
h4 {font-size:1em;}
h5 {font-size:.9em;}

hr {height:1px;}

a {text-decoration:none;}

dt {font-weight:bold;}

ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}

.txtOptionInput {width:11em;}

#contentWrapper .chkOptionInput {border:0;}

.externalLink {text-decoration:underline;}

.indent {margin-left:3em;}
.outdent {margin-left:3em; text-indent:-3em;}
code.escaped {white-space:nowrap;}

.tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold;}
.tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-style:italic;}

/* the 'a' is required for IE, otherwise it renders the whole tiddler in bold */
a.tiddlyLinkNonExisting.shadow {font-weight:bold;}

#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkExisting,
	#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkNonExisting,
	#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-weight:normal; font-style:normal;}
#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold; font-style:normal;}

.header {position:relative;}
.header a:hover {background:transparent;}
.headerShadow {position:relative; padding:4.5em 0em 1em 1em; left:-1px; top:-1px;}
.headerForeground {position:absolute; padding:4.5em 0em 1em 1em; left:0px; top:0px;}

.siteTitle {font-size:3em;}
.siteSubtitle {font-size:1.2em;}

#mainMenu {position:absolute; left:0; width:10em; text-align:right; line-height:1.6em; padding:1.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; font-size:1.1em;}

#sidebar {position:absolute; right:3px; width:16em; font-size:.9em;}
#sidebarOptions {padding-top:0.3em;}
#sidebarOptions a {margin:0em 0.2em; padding:0.2em 0.3em; display:block;}
#sidebarOptions input {margin:0.4em 0.5em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {margin-left:1em; padding:0.5em; font-size:.85em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {font-weight:bold; display:inline; padding:0;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel input {margin:0 0 .3em 0;}
#sidebarTabs .tabContents {width:15em; overflow:hidden;}

.wizard {padding:0.1em 1em 0em 2em;}
.wizard h1 {font-size:2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0em 0em 0em 0em; margin:0.4em 0em 0.2em 0em;}
.wizard h2 {font-size:1.2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0em 0em 0em 0em; margin:0.4em 0em 0.2em 0em;}
.wizardStep {padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.wizard .button {margin:0.5em 0em 0em 0em; font-size:1.2em;}
.wizardFooter {padding:0.8em 0.4em 0.8em 0em;}
.wizardFooter .status {padding:0em 0.4em 0em 0.4em; margin-left:1em;}
.wizard .button {padding:0.1em 0.2em 0.1em 0.2em;}

#messageArea {position:fixed; top:2em; right:0em; margin:0.5em; padding:0.5em; z-index:2000; _position:absolute;}
.messageToolbar {display:block; text-align:right; padding:0.2em 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em;}
#messageArea a {text-decoration:underline;}

.tiddlerPopupButton {padding:0.2em 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em;}
.popupTiddler {position: absolute; z-index:300; padding:1em 1em 1em 1em; margin:0;}

.popup {position:absolute; z-index:300; font-size:.9em; padding:0; list-style:none; margin:0;}
.popup .popupMessage {padding:0.4em;}
.popup hr {display:block; height:1px; width:auto; padding:0; margin:0.2em 0em;}
.popup li.disabled {padding:0.4em;}
.popup li a {display:block; padding:0.4em; font-weight:normal; cursor:pointer;}
.listBreak {font-size:1px; line-height:1px;}
.listBreak div {margin:2px 0;}

.tabset {padding:1em 0em 0em 0.5em;}
.tab {margin:0em 0em 0em 0.25em; padding:2px;}
.tabContents {padding:0.5em;}
.tabContents ul, .tabContents ol {margin:0; padding:0;}
.txtMainTab .tabContents li {list-style:none;}
.tabContents li.listLink { margin-left:.75em;}

#contentWrapper {display:block;}
#splashScreen {display:none;}

#displayArea {margin:1em 17em 0em 14em;}

.toolbar {text-align:right; font-size:.9em;}

.tiddler {padding:1em 1em 0em 1em;}

.missing .viewer,.missing .title {font-style:italic;}

.title {font-size:1.6em; font-weight:bold;}

.missing .subtitle {display:none;}
.subtitle {font-size:1.1em;}

.tiddler .button {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}

.tagging {margin:0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0; float:left; display:none;}
.isTag .tagging {display:block;}
.tagged {margin:0.5em; float:right;}
.tagging, .tagged {font-size:0.9em; padding:0.25em;}
.tagging ul, .tagged ul {list-style:none; margin:0.25em; padding:0;}
.tagClear {clear:both;}

.footer {font-size:.9em;}
.footer li {display:inline;}

.annotation {padding:0.5em; margin:0.5em;}

* html .viewer pre {width:99%; padding:0 0 1em 0;}
.viewer {line-height:1.4em; padding-top:0.5em;}
.viewer .button {margin:0em 0.25em; padding:0em 0.25em;}
.viewer blockquote {line-height:1.5em; padding-left:0.8em;margin-left:2.5em;}
.viewer ul, .viewer ol {margin-left:0.5em; padding-left:1.5em;}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border-collapse:collapse; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
.viewer th, .viewer td, .viewer tr,.viewer caption,.twtable th, .twtable td, .twtable tr,.twtable caption {padding:3px;}
table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0px 3px 0px 3px;}

.viewer pre {padding:0.5em; margin-left:0.5em; font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em; overflow:auto;}
.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}

.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
.editor input, .editor textarea {display:block; width:100%; font:inherit;}
.editorFooter {padding:0.25em 0em; font-size:.9em;}
.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px;}

.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px 1px 0px;}

.sparkline {line-height:1em;}
.sparktick {outline:0;}

.zoomer {font-size:1.1em; position:absolute; overflow:hidden;}
.zoomer div {padding:1em;}

* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em 0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em 0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0em; right:0em;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em 0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; width:90%; margin:0em 3em 0em 3em; padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em 0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
@media print {
#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none ! important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em 1em;}
/* Fixes a feature in Firefox where print preview displays the noscript content */
noscript {display:none;}
<div class='header' macro='gradient vert [[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]'>
<div class='headerShadow'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div class='headerForeground'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div id='mainMenu' refresh='content' tiddler='MainMenu'></div>
<div id='sidebar'>
<div id='sidebarOptions' refresh='content' tiddler='SideBarOptions'></div>
<div id='sidebarTabs' refresh='content' force='true' tiddler='SideBarTabs'></div>
<div id='displayArea'>
<div id='messageArea'></div>
<div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>
<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::ViewToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='subtitle'><span macro='view modifier link'></span>, <span macro='view modified date'></span> (<span macro='message views.wikified.createdPrompt'></span> <span macro='view created date'></span>)</div>
<div class='tagging' macro='tagging'></div>
<div class='tagged' macro='tags'></div>
<div class='viewer' macro='view text wikified'></div>
<div class='tagClear'></div>
<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::EditToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit title'></div>
<div macro='annotations'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit text'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit tags'></div><div class='editorFooter'><span macro='message views.editor.tagPrompt'></span><span macro='tagChooser excludeLists'></span></div>
To get started with this blank TiddlyWiki, you'll need to modify the following tiddlers:
* SiteTitle & SiteSubtitle: The title and subtitle of the site, as shown above (after saving, they will also appear in the browser title bar)
* MainMenu: The menu (usually on the left)
* DefaultTiddlers: Contains the names of the tiddlers that you want to appear when the TiddlyWiki is opened
You'll also need to enter your username for signing your edits: <<option txtUserName>>
These InterfaceOptions for customising TiddlyWiki are saved in your browser

Your username for signing your edits. Write it as a WikiWord (eg JoeBloggs)

<<option txtUserName>>
<<option chkSaveBackups>> SaveBackups
<<option chkAutoSave>> AutoSave
<<option chkRegExpSearch>> RegExpSearch
<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>> CaseSensitiveSearch
<<option chkAnimate>> EnableAnimations

Also see [[AdvancedOptions]]
|''Description:''|Tradui de TiddlyWiki 2.5.0 en Lingua Franca Nova|
|''Author:''|Simon Davies|

//-- Translateable strings

// Strings in "double quotes" should be translated; strings in 'single quotes' should be left alone

if (config.options.txtUserName == 'YourName')
	merge(config.options,{txtUserName: "TuNom"});

	save: {text: "fisa", tooltip: "Fisa tu cambias en esta TiddlyWiki", action: saveChanges},
	sync: {text: "sincroni", tooltip: "Sincroni cambias con otra fixes e servadores TiddlyWiki", content: '<<sync>>'},
	importTask: {text: "emporta", tooltip: "Emporta articles e ajuntas de otra fixes e servadores TiddlyWiki", content: '<<importTiddlers>>'},
	tweak: {text: "ajusta", tooltip: "Ajusta la aspeta e condui de esta TiddlyWiki", content: '<<options>>'},
	upgrade: {text: "renovi", tooltip: "Renovi la codigo sentral de TiddlyWiki", content: '<<upgrade>>'},
	plugins: {text: "ajuntas", tooltip: "Maneja ajuntas instalada", content: '<<plugins>>'}

// Options that can be set in the options panel and/or cookies
	txtUserName: "Nom de usor per suscrive tu cambias",
	chkRegExpSearch: "Xerca con espresas regulal",
	chkCaseSensitiveSearch: "Distingui leteras major en xercas",
	chkIncrementalSearch: "Xerca gradal con la tape",
	chkAnimate: "Mostra animas",
	chkSaveBackups: "Crea un copia de securia cuando on fisa cambias",
	chkAutoSave: "Automati la fisa de cambias",
	chkGenerateAnRssFeed: "Jenera un flue RSS cuando on fisa cambias",
	chkSaveEmptyTemplate: "Jenera un base vacua cuando on fisa cambias",
	chkOpenInNewWindow: "Abri lias esterna en un fenetra nova",
	chkToggleLinks: "Cuando on clica un lia a un article abrida, clui la article",
	chkHttpReadOnly: "Asconde la sistem de cambia cuando on regarda par HTTP",
	chkForceMinorUpdate: "No fisa la nom de usor e la data de cambia cuando on fisa un article",
	chkConfirmDelete: "Aproba ante sutrae un article",
	chkInsertTabs: "La tecla de tabli ajunta un sinia de tabli, e no move entre campos",
	txtBackupFolder: "Nom de arcivo per copias de securia",
	txtMaxEditRows: "Cuantia masima de linias en la editadores",
	txtFileSystemCharSet: "Codigo de sinias en la sistem de fixes (sola per Firefox/Mozilla)"});

	customConfigError: "Problemes ia impedi la instala de ajuntas. Vide PluginManager per detalias.",
	pluginError: "Era: %0",
	pluginDisabled: "No esecutada car la eticeta 'systemConfigDisable' desativi el",
	pluginForced: "Esecutada car la eticeta 'systemConfigForce' forsa el",
	pluginVersionError: "No esecutada car esta ajunta nesesa un TiddlyWiki plu nova",
	nothingSelected: "Tu no ia fa un eleje. Comensa par eleje un o plu articles en la lista.",
	savedSnapshotError: "Pare ce esta TiddlyWiki es malfisada. Vide http://www.tiddlywiki.com/#Download per detalias.",
	subtitleUnknown: "(nonconoseda)",
	undefinedTiddlerToolTip: "La article '%0' no esiste",
	shadowedTiddlerToolTip: "La article '%0' no esiste, ma el ave un valua fondal predefinida",
	tiddlerLinkTooltip: "%0 - %1, %2",
	externalLinkTooltip: "Lia esterna a %0",
	noTags: "No articles ave eticetas",
	notFileUrlError: "Tu nesesa fisa esta TiddlyWiki a un fix ante cuando tu pote fisa cambias",
	cantSaveError: "Cambias no pote es fisada. Causas posable inclui:\n- tu surfador no es capas de fisa (cada de Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, e Opera es capas si on bonajusta los)\n- la nom de tu fix TiddlyWiki (o de se arcivo) conteni sinias nonpermeteda\n- on ia move o renomi la fix TiddlyWiki",
	invalidFileError: "La fix orijinal '%0' no pare es un TiddlyWiki coreta",
	backupSaved: "La copia de securia ia fisa bon",
	backupFailed: "La copia de securia no ia fisa",
	rssSaved: "La flue RSS ia fisa bon",
	rssFailed: "La flue RSS no ia fisa",
	emptySaved: "La base vacua ia fisa bon",
	emptyFailed: "La base vacua no ia fisa",
	mainSaved: "La fix major ia fisa bon",
	mainFailed: "La fix major no ia fisa. Tu cambias no es fisada.",
	macroError: "Era en macro <<\%0>>",
	macroErrorDetails: "Era en esecuta de macro <<\%0>>:\n%1",
	missingMacro: "La macro no esiste",
	overwriteWarning: "Un article ave ja la nom '%0'. Clica 'Oce' per suprascrive el.",
	unsavedChangesWarning: "AVERTI! Esta TiddlyWiki conteni cambias nonfisada.\n\nClica 'Oce' per fisa los.\nEleje 'Cansela' per perde los.",
	confirmExit: "--------------------------------\n\nEsta TiddlyWiki conteni cambias nonfisada. Si tu continua, tu va perde esta cambias.\n\n--------------------------------",
	saveInstructions: "FisaCambias",
	unsupportedTWFormat: "Forma nonsuportada per fixes TiddlyWiki '%0'",
	tiddlerSaveError: "Era en la fisa de article '%0'",
	tiddlerLoadError: "Era en la carga de article '%0'",
	wrongSaveFormat: "Fisa en forma '%0' no es posable. La forma normal va es usada.",
	invalidFieldName: "Mal nom de campo %0",
	fieldCannotBeChanged: "Campo '%0' no pote es cambiada",
	loadingMissingTiddler: "Atenta de prende la article '%0' de la servador '%1' a:\n\n'%2' en laboreria '%3'",
	upgradeDone: "La renovi a varia %0 es aora completa.\n\nClica 'Oce' per recarga la TiddlyWiki renovida."});

	text: "clui",
	tooltip: "clui esta mesaje"});

config.messages.backstage = {
	open: {text: "bara fondal", tooltip: "Abri la bara fondal per fa taxes tecnical de autor"},
	close: {text: "clui", tooltip: "Clui la bara fondal"},
	prompt: "bara fondal: ",
	decal: {
		edit: {text: "cambia", tooltip: "Cambia la article '%0'"}

config.messages.listView = {
	tiddlerTooltip: "Clica per la testo plen de esta article",
	previewUnavailable: "(nonprevidable)"

config.messages.dates.months = ["janero", "febrero", "marto", "april", "maio", "junio", "julio", "agosto", "setembre", "otobre", "novembre", "desembre"];
config.messages.dates.days = ["soldi", "lundi", "martedi", "mercurdi", "jovedi", "venerdi", "saturdi"];
config.messages.dates.shortMonths = ["jan", "feb", "mar", "apr", "mai", "jun", "jul", "ago", "set", "oto", "nov", "des"];
config.messages.dates.shortDays = ["sol", "lun", "mar", "mer", "jov", "ven", "sat"];
// suffixes for dates, eg "1st","2nd","3rd"..."30th","31st"
config.messages.dates.daySuffixes = ["","","","","","","","","","",
config.messages.dates.am = "am";
config.messages.dates.pm = "pm";


	labelNoTags: "no eticetas",
	labelTags: "eticetas: ",
	openTag: "Abri la eticeta '%0'",
	tooltip: "Mostra articles con la eticeta '%0'",
	openAllText: "Abri tota",
	openAllTooltip: "Abri tota de esta articles",
	popupNone: "No otra articles ave la eticeta '%0'"});

	defaultText: "La article '%0' no esiste. Clica duple per crea el.",
	defaultModifier: "(mancada)",
	shadowModifier: "(article fondal predefinida)",
	dateFormat: "DD MMM YYYY",
	createdPrompt: "creada a"});

	tagPrompt: "Tape eticetas separeda par spasios. [[Usa brasetas reta duple]] si nesesada. O ajunta un eticeta esistente.",
	defaultText: "Tape la testo per '%0'"});

	text: "eticetas",
	tooltip: "Eleje eticetas esistente per ajunta a esta article",
	popupNone: "No eticetas esiste",
	tagTooltip: "Ajunta la eticeta '%0'"});

		{unit: 1024*1024*1024, template: "%0\u00a0GB"},
		{unit: 1024*1024, template: "%0\u00a0MB"},
		{unit: 1024, template: "%0\u00a0KB"},
		{unit: 1, template: "%0\u00a0B"}

	label: "xerca",
	prompt: "Xerca en esta TiddlyWiki",
	accessKey: "F",
	successMsg: "%0 articles conteni %1",
	failureMsg: "No articles conteni %0"});

	label: "articles con la eticeta '%0': ",
	labelNotTag: "no articles con la eticeta '%0'",
	tooltip: "Lista de articles con la eticeta '%0'"});

	dateFormat: "DD MMM YYYY"});

	tooltip: "Mostra articles con la eticeta '%0'",
	noTags: "No articles ave eticetas"});

config.macros.list.all.prompt = "Tota articles en ordina alfabetal";
config.macros.list.missing.prompt = "Articles cual no esiste an si otra articles lia a los";
config.macros.list.orphans.prompt = "Articles a cual no otra articles lia";
config.macros.list.shadowed.prompt = "Articles fondal con testo predefinida";
config.macros.list.touched.prompt = "Articles cual on ia cambia en esta TiddlyWiki";

	label: "clui tota",
	prompt: "Clui tota articles abrida (estra los cual es ancora editada)"});

	label: "lia constante",
	prompt: "Lia a un URL cual reabri tota articles aora abrida"});

	label: "fisa cambias",
	prompt: "Fisa tota articles a un fix TiddlyWiki",
	accessKey: "S"});

	label: "article nova",
	prompt: "Crea un article nova",
	title: "Article nova",
	accessKey: "N"});

	label: "article nova de diario",
	prompt: "Crea un article nova per la data presente",
	accessKey: "J"});

	wizardTitle: "Ajusta preferis tecnical",
	step1Title: "Esta preferis fisa se como cucis en tu surfador",
	step1Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input><br><input type='checkbox' checked='false' name='chkUnknown'>Mostra preferis nonconoseda</input>",
	unknownDescription: "//(nonconoseda)//",
	listViewTemplate: {
		columns: [
			{name: 'Option', field: 'option', title: "Preferi", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Description', field: 'description', title: "Descrive", type: 'WikiText'},
			{name: 'Name', field: 'name', title: "Nom", type: 'String'}
		rowClasses: [
			{className: 'lowlight', field: 'lowlight'}

	wizardTitle: "Manejador de ajuntas",
	step1Title: "Ajuntas aora instalada",
	step1Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input>", // DO NOT TRANSLATE
	skippedText: "(Esta ajunta no ia esecuta car on ia ajunta el pos la inisia)",
	noPluginText: "No ajuntas es instalada",
	confirmDeleteText: "Tu es serta ce tu vole sutrae la ajuntas seguente?\n\n%0",
	removeLabel: "deseticeti",
	removePrompt: "Sutrae la eticeta 'systemConfig' de la articles elejeda",
	deleteLabel: "sutrae",
	deletePrompt: "Sutrae completa la articles elejeda",
	listViewTemplate: {
		columns: [
			{name: 'Selected', field: 'Selected', rowName: 'title', type: 'Selector'},
			{name: 'Tiddler', field: 'tiddler', title: "Article", type: 'Tiddler'},
			{name: 'Description', field: 'desc', title: "Descrive", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Size', field: 'size', tiddlerLink: 'size', title: "Grandia", type: 'Size'},
			{name: 'Forced', field: 'forced', title: "Forsa", tag: 'systemConfigForce', type: 'TagCheckbox'},
			{name: 'Disabled', field: 'disabled', title: "Desativi", tag: 'systemConfigDisable', type: 'TagCheckbox'},
			{name: 'Executed', field: 'executed', title: "Cargada", type: 'Boolean', trueText: "Si", falseText: "No"},
			{name: 'Startup Time', field: 'startupTime', title: "Tempo de inisia", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Error', field: 'error', title: "State", type: 'Boolean', trueText: "Error", falseText: "OK"},
			{name: 'Log', field: 'log', title: "Jornal de ativia", type: 'StringList'}
		rowClasses: [
			{className: 'error', field: 'error'},
			{className: 'warning', field: 'warning'}

	moreLabel: "plu",
	morePrompt: "Mostra plu comandas"

	label: "refresci",
	prompt: "Refresci la presenta de la paje total"

	readOnlyWarning: "On no pote emporta en un fix TiddlyWiki sola lejable. Atenta abri el de un URL de la spesie 'file://'.",
	wizardTitle: "Emporta articles de un otra fix o servador",
	step1Title: "Paso 1: Trova un servador o fix TiddlyWiki",
	step1Html: "Indica la spesie de la servador: <select name='selTypes'><option value=''>Eleje...</option></select><br>Tape la URL o nom de fix asi: <input type='text' size=50 name='txtPath'><br>... o esplora per un fix: <input type='file' size=50 name='txtBrowse'><br><hr>... o eleje un flue predefinida: <select name='selFeeds'><option value=''>Eleje...</option></select>",
	openLabel: "abri",
	openPrompt: "Abri un lia a esta fix o servador",
	openError: "Problemes ia impedi asede la fix TiddlyWiki",
	statusOpenHost: "Abri de la ospitador",
	statusGetWorkspaceList: "Oteni de la lista de laborerias disponable",
	step2Title: "Paso 2: Eleje un laboreria",
	step2Html: "Tape la nom de un laboreria: <input type='text' size=50 name='txtWorkspace'><br>... o eleje un laboreria: <select name='selWorkspace'><option value=''>Eleje...</option></select>",
	cancelLabel: "cansela",
	cancelPrompt: "Cansela esta emporta",
	statusOpenWorkspace: "Abri de la laboreria",
	statusGetTiddlerList: "Oteni de la lista de articles disponable",
	errorGettingTiddlerList: "Era en oteni la lista de articles. Clica 'Cansela' per atenta nova.",
	step3Title: "Paso 3: Eleje articles per emporta",
	step3Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input><br><input type='checkbox' checked='true' name='chkSync'>Crea un asosia entre esta articles e esta servador per sincroni cambias futur</input><br><input type='checkbox' name='chkSave'>Rejistra la detalias de esta servador en un article con la eticeta 'systemServer' su la nom:</input> <input type='text' size=25 name='txtSaveTiddler'>",
	importLabel: "emporta",
	importPrompt: "Emporta esta articles",
	confirmOverwriteText: "Tu es serta ce tu vole suprascrive la articles seguente?\n\n%0",
	step4Title: "Paso 4: Emporta %0 article(s)",
	step4Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markReport'></input>", // DO NOT TRANSLATE
	doneLabel: "fada",
	donePrompt: "Clui esta aidador",
	statusDoingImport: "Emporta de articles",
	statusDoneImport: "Tota articles es emportada",
	systemServerNamePattern: "%2 en %1",
	systemServerNamePatternNoWorkspace: "%1",
	confirmOverwriteSaveTiddler: "La article '%0' esiste ja. Clica 'Oce' per suprascrive el con la detalias de esta servador, o 'Cansela' per lasa el sin cambia.",
	serverSaveTemplate: "|''Spesie:''|%0|\n|''URL:''|%1|\n|''Laboreria:''|%2|\n\nEsta article es automatida creada per rejistra la detalias de esta servador",
	serverSaveModifier: "(Sistem)",
	listViewTemplate: {
		columns: [
			{name: 'Selected', field: 'Selected', rowName: 'title', type: 'Selector'},
			{name: 'Tiddler', field: 'tiddler', title: "Article", type: 'Tiddler'},
			{name: 'Size', field: 'size', tiddlerLink: 'size', title: "Grandia", type: 'Size'},
			{name: 'Tags', field: 'tags', title: "Eticetas", type: 'Tags'}
		rowClasses: [

	wizardTitle: "Renovi la codigo sentral de TiddlyWiki",
	step1Title: "Renovi o repare esta TiddlyWiki a la varia la plu resente",
	step1Html: "Tu renovi pronto a la varia la plu resente de la codigo sentral de TiddlyWiki (de <a href='%0' class='externalLink' target='_blank'>%1</a>). Tu articles va esiste ancora pos la renovi.<br><br>Nota ce renovis pote interferi con alga ajuntas plu vea. Si tu encontra problemes con la fix renovida, vide <a href='http://www.tiddlywiki.org/wiki/CoreUpgrades' class='externalLink' target='_blank'>http://www.tiddlywiki.org/wiki/CoreUpgrades</a>.",
	errorCantUpgrade: "Esta TiddlyWiki no es renovable. On pote renovi un fix TiddlyWiki sola si el es local retenida.",
	errorNotSaved: "Tu nesesa fisa cambias ante cuando tu pote fa un renovi.",
	step2Title: "Aproba la detalias de renovi",
	step2Html_downgrade: "Tu va desnovi a varia %0 de TiddlyWiki de varia %1.<br><br>On no recomenda desnovi a un varia presedente de la codigo sentral.",
	step2Html_restore: "Esta TiddlyWiki pare usa ja la varia la plu resente de la codigo sentral (%0).<br><br>An tal, tu pote continua renovi per serti ce la codigo sentral no es malida o danada.",
	step2Html_upgrade: "Tu va renovi a varia %0 de TiddlyWiki de varia %1",
	upgradeLabel: "renovi",
	upgradePrompt: "Prepare la prosede de renovi",
	statusPreparingBackup: "Prepare de la copia de securia",
	statusSavingBackup: "Fisa de la copia de securia",
	errorSavingBackup: "Un problem ia impedi la fisa de la copia de securia",
	statusLoadingCore: "Carga de la codigo sentral",
	errorLoadingCore: "Era en carga la codigo sentral",
	errorCoreFormat: "Era con la codigo sentral nova",
	statusSavingCore: "Fisa de la codigo sentral nova",
	statusReloadingCore: "Recarga de la codigo sentral nova",
	startLabel: "comensa",
	startPrompt: "Comensa la prosede de renovi",
	cancelLabel: "cansela",
	cancelPrompt: "Cansela la prosede de renovi",
	step3Title: "La renovi es canselada",
	step3Html: "Tu ia cansela la prosede de renovi"

	listViewTemplate: {
		columns: [
			{name: 'Selected', field: 'selected', rowName: 'title', type: 'Selector'},
			{name: 'Tiddler', field: 'tiddler', title: "Article", type: 'Tiddler'},
			{name: 'Server Type', field: 'serverType', title: "Spesie de servador", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Server Host', field: 'serverHost', title: "Ospitador de servador", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Server Workspace', field: 'serverWorkspace', title: "Laboreria de servador", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Status', field: 'status', title: "State de sincroni", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Server URL', field: 'serverUrl', title: "URL de servador", text: "Vide", type: 'Link'}
		rowClasses: [
		buttons: [
			{caption: "Sincroni esta articles", name: 'sync'}
	wizardTitle: "Sincroni con servadores e fixes esterna",
	step1Title: "Eleje la articles cual tu vole sincroni",
	step1Html: "<input type='hidden' name='markList'></input>", // DO NOT TRANSLATE
	syncLabel: "sincroni",
	syncPrompt: "Sincroni esta articles",
	hasChanged: "Cambiada en fix delinia",
	hasNotChanged: "Noncambiada en fix delinia",
	syncStatusList: {
		none: {text: "...", display:null, className:'notChanged'},
		changedServer: {text: "Cambiada en servador", display:null, className:'changedServer'},
		changedLocally: {text: "Cambiada en fix delinia", display:null, className:'changedLocally'},
		changedBoth: {text: "Cambiada en fix delinia e en servador", display:null, className:'changedBoth'},
		notFound: {text: "No trovada en servador", display:null, className:'notFound'},
		putToServer: {text: "Cambias fisada a servador", display:null, className:'putToServer'},
		gotFromServer: {text: "Cambias prendeda de servador", display:null, className:'gotFromServer'}


	text: "clui",
	tooltip: "Clui esta article"});

	text: "isoli",
	tooltip: "Clui tota otra articles"});

	text: "cambia",
	tooltip: "Cambia esta article",
	readOnlyText: "vide",
	readOnlyTooltip: "Vide la testo de fonte de esta article"});

	text: "fisa",
	tooltip: "Fisa cambias a esta article"});

	text: "cansela",
	tooltip: "Desfa cambias a esta article",
	warning: "Tu es serta ce tu vole desfa tu cambias a '%0'?",
	readOnlyText: "cansela",
	readOnlyTooltip: "Vide esta article en se forma normal"});

	text: "sutrae",
	tooltip: "Sutrae esta article",
	warning: "Tu es serta ce tu vole sutrae '%0'?"});

	text: "lia",
	tooltip: "Lia constante per esta article"});

	text: "referis",
	tooltip: "Mostra articles cual lia a esta",
	popupNone: "No referis"});

	text: "vade",
	tooltip: "Vade a un otra article abrida"});

	text: "sincroni",
	tooltip: "Controla la sincroni de esta article con un servador o fix esterna",
	currentlySyncing: "<div>On sincroni aora par <span class='popupHighlight'>'%0'</span> a:</"+"div><div>ospitador: <span class='popupHighlight'>%1</span></"+"div><div>laboreria: <span class='popupHighlight'>%2</span></"+"div>", // Note escaping of closing <div> tag
	notCurrentlySyncing: "On no sincroni aora",
	captionUnSync: "Para la sincroni de esta article",
	chooseServer: "Sincroni esta article con un otra servador:",
	currServerMarker: "\u25cf ",
	notCurrServerMarker: "  "});

	text: "campos",
	tooltip: "Mostra la campos asosiada de esta article",
	emptyText: "Esta article ave no campos asosiada",
	listViewTemplate: {
		columns: [
			{name: 'Field', field: 'field', title: "Campo", type: 'String'},
			{name: 'Value', field: 'value', title: "Valua", type: 'String'}
		rowClasses: [
		buttons: [

	DefaultTiddlers: "[[ComoComensa]]",
	MainMenu: "[[ComoComensa]]",
        ComoComensa: "Per comensa esta ~TiddlyWiki vacua, cambia la articles seguente:\n* [[Titulo|SiteTitle]] e [[Sutitulo|SiteSubtitle]]: La titulo e sutitulo de la paje, vidable a supra. (Pos fisa, los va apare ance en la bara de titulo de tu surfador.)\n* [[Menu|MainMenu]]: La menu major (normal a sinistra)\n* [[Articles inisial|DefaultTiddlers]]: Un lista de la nomes de la articles cual tu vole vide sempre cuando tu abri la ~TiddlyWiki.\nTape ance tu nom de usor per suscrive tu cambias: <<option txtUserName>>",
        OptionsPanel: "Esta preferis fisa se como cucis en tu surfador.\n\nTu nom de usor per suscrive tu cambias:\n<<option txtUserName>>\n<<option chkSaveBackups>> Copias de securia\n<<option chkAutoSave>> Fisa automatida\n<<option chkRegExpSearch>> Xerca con espresas regulal\n<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>> Distingui leteras major\n<<option chkAnimate>> Mostra animas\n----\n[[Tota preferis|AdvancedOptions]]",
 	SiteTitle: "~TiddlyWiki^^lfn",
	SiteSubtitle: "un folio de rede personal reusable nonlinial",
	SiteUrl: "http://www.tiddlywiki.com/",
	SideBarOptions: '<<search>><<closeAll>><<permaview>><<newTiddler>><<newJournal "DD MMM YYYY" "diario">><<saveChanges>><<slider chkSliderOptionsPanel OptionsPanel "preferis \u00bb" "Cambia la preferis tecnical de TiddlyWiki">>',
	SideBarTabs: '<<tabs txtMainTab "Istoria" "Istoria" TabTimeline "Tota" "Tota articles" TabAll "Eticetas" "Tota eticetas" TabTags "Plu" "Plu listas" TabMore>>',
	TabMore: '<<tabs txtMoreTab "Mancadas" "Articles mancada" TabMoreMissing "Orfanes" "Articles orfan" TabMoreOrphans "Fondales" "Articles fondal" TabMoreShadowed>>'

	AdvancedOptions: "Esta article fondal permete cambia tota preferis tecnical",
	ColorPalette: "La valuas en esta article fondal determina la colores de la interfas de TiddlyWiki",
        ComoComensa: "Esta article fondal informa como comensa usa TiddlyWiki",
	DefaultTiddlers: "La articles listada en esta article fondal apare automatida cuando TiddlyWiki inisia",
	EditTemplate: "La strutur HTML en esta article fondal determina la aspeta de articles como on edita los",
	GettingStarted: "Esta article fondal (en engles) informa como comensa usa TiddlyWiki",
	ImportTiddlers: "Esta article fondal permete emporta articles",
	MainMenu: "Esta article fondal apare como la menu major en la colona sinistra de la paje",
	MarkupPreHead: "Esta article fondal es ajuntada a la comensa de la parte 'head' de la fix HTML de TiddlyWiki",
	MarkupPostHead: "Esta article fondal es ajuntada a la fini de la parte 'head' de la fix HTML de TiddlyWiki",
	MarkupPreBody: "Esta article fondal es ajuntada a la comensa de la parte 'body' de la fix HTML de TiddlyWiki",
	MarkupPostBody: "Esta article fondal es ajuntada a la fini de la parte 'body' de la fix HTML de TiddlyWiki, direta pos la bloco 'script'",
	OptionsPanel: "Esta article fondal apare como la panel de preferis en la colona destra",
	PageTemplate: "La strutur HTML en esta article fondal determina la aspeta jeneral de TiddlyWiki",
	PluginManager: "Esta article fondal permete maneja la ajuntas instalada",
	SideBarOptions: "Esta article fondal apare como la panel de lias e preferis en la colona destra de la paje",
	SideBarTabs: "Esta article fondal apare como la panel de oretas en la colona destra de la paje",
	SiteSubtitle: "Esta article fondal apare como la parte du de la titulo de la paje",
	SiteTitle: "Esta article fondal apare como la parte prima de la titulo de la paje",
	SiteUrl: "Esta article fondal ta conteni la URL plen de la paje si on publica el",
	StyleSheetColors: "Esta article fondal conteni definis de CSS per la color de elementos de la paje. ''NO CAMBIA ESTA ARTICLE.'' En loca, fa tu cambias en la article fondal 'StyleSheet'.",
	StyleSheet: "Esta article fondal pote conteni tu propre definis de CSS",
	StyleSheetLayout: "Esta article fondal conteni definis de CSS per la posa de elementos de la paje. ''NO CAMBIA ESTA ARTICLE.'' En loca, fa tu cambias en la article fondal 'StyleSheet'.",
	StyleSheetLocale: "Esta article fondal conteni definis de CSS per la tradui",
	StyleSheetPrint: "Esta article fondal conteni definis de CSS per primi",
	TabAll: "Esta article fondal apare como la oreta 'Tota' en la colona destra de la paje",
	TabMore: "Esta article fondal apare como la oreta 'Plu' en la colona destra de la paje",
	TabMoreMissing: "Esta article fondal apare como la oreta 'Mancadas' en la colona destra de la paje",
	TabMoreOrphans: "Esta article fondal apare como la oreta 'Orfanes' en la colona destra de la paje",
	TabMoreShadowed: "Esta article fondal apare como la oreta 'Fondales' en la colona destra de la paje",
	TabTags: "Esta article fondal apare como la oreta 'Eticetas' en la colona destra de la paje",
	TabTimeline: "Esta article fondal apare como la oreta 'Istoria' en la colona destra de la paje",
	ToolbarCommands: "Esta article fondal determina cual comandas apare en la baras de utiles de la articles",
	ViewTemplate: "La strutur HTML en esta article fondal determina la aspeta de articles"